Donor Report 2010-2011

The LINDSAY Project is highlighted in the Faculty of Medicine Donor Report 2010-2011.

The LINDSAY team greatly appreciates all support we have received for our starting year from our donors and from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary.

“I thought the way we were teaching anatomy was pretty static,” says Dr. Wright. “I thought there could be a more visual and interactive way to teach anatomy, something more dynamic for students.”

Video Demonstration of LINDSAY Features

Multi-scale modeling, E. coli simulation, renal system visualization, blood clotting model, interactive fly-throughs, blood oxygenation, anatomy presentation in the classroom

This video was created by Ayushi Gupta during her research summer in 2011.

LINDSAY Virtual Human website now online!

Original design of our LINDSAY website at its first launch

Original design of our LINDSAY website at its first launch

With the Lindsay Virtual Human project we create a 3-dimensional, interactive computer model of male and female anatomy and physiology for medical education.

LINDSAY provides digital exploration and study tools for medical students that complement their learning experiences in the classroom and their investigations with medical simulators, and virtual patients.

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