LINDSAY on SMART Touch Table

SMART Table with Heart-23Feb2012

LINDSAY team members working on our Heart model. Around the table from left to right: Scott Novakowski (software developer, Presenter, touch interfaces), Carey Gingras (software developer, Composer, 3D interfaces), Mike Paget (UME eLearning, educational content development and integrative solutions), and Scott Steil (software developer, scripting, content sharing).

LINDSAY software was featured during the Reopening Celebration of the Health Sciences Library in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary on 27 February 2012.

LINDSAY’s Presenter, Heart and Anatomy models are displayed on a touch table from Calgary’s SMART Technologies. The 3D anatomy models in our LINDSAY software are provided by Zygote Media Group., the creators of Zygote Body.

The official announcement on the Health Sciences Library page is here.

Kimmett Cup: A Big Success Story

2012 Kimmett Cup raises $25,000Kimmett Cup-2011-Logo-263x300

The 2012 Kimmett Cup was another highly successful and truly uplifting event. In the end, $25,000 were raised to support the LINDSAY Virtual Human project.  We sincerely thank everybody who contributed to this fantastic success. We all had much fun and great memories of Lindsay Leigh.

We are particularly grateful for this year’s Kimmett Cup Co-Chairs: our appreciation goes to Jason Baserman,Joe MacLellan, and Reid Kimmett for all their dedication and hard work.

This was our announcement before the Cup:

The 2012 Kimmett Cup is another far reaching and fun event for the whole family. Come out to Cochrane, play hockey, have fun, and take the opportunity to talk to members of the LINDSAY Virtual Human team.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

More informtion on the 2012 Kimmett Cup is here.

LINDSAY Team Receives $100,000 Donation

LINDSAY Cheque 100000

At the end of the Tournament of Aces, Kelly and Dianne Kimmett (left) present a $100,000 cheque to the LINDSAY Virtual Human team. On the right, from left to right: Dr. Christian Jacob, Taylor Kimmett, Timothy Davison, Afshin Esmaeili, Reid Kimmett, Scott Steil, and Carey Gingras.

The LINDSAY Virtual Human team received a cheque of $100,000 from the Lindsay Leigh Kimmet foundation. This money was collected as part of the 2011 Tournament of Aces.

Our LINDSAY team and the Department of Undergraduate Medical Education at the University of Calgary want to express our sincere “THANK YOU!” to everybody who contributed to the success of this event and to all the donors, who made this fabulous contribution possible.

We particularly thank Dianne, Kelly, Taylor, and Reid Kimmett.

We will continue to help make Dr. Lindsay Kimmett’s passion live on forever.

See more information on the Tournament of Aces here.