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So far, our largest LINDSAY team in 2011. Many happy faces and great contributions from everybody — no matter your age or discipline of research: computer science, biomedical sciences, bioinformatics, computer graphics, information design, visualization, story telling, …

The LINDSAY Virtual Human team is always looking for enthusiastic students at the undergraduate or graduate level.

We have positions available for graduate students at the Master’s and Ph.D. level. We are also seeking undergraduate or graduate students interested in Research Summer placements.

If you have any questions about our project or would like to know more about an exciting project at the intersection of Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Anatomy, Physiology, Medical Education, Information Visualization and Human-Computer Interfaces, please consider joining the LINDSAY Virtual Human Team. You will participate in cutting-edge research and join a passionate group of people.

Here is a direct link to our Contact page.

Computer Science & Programming & Bioinformatics

If you have a passion for computer programming, if you know about or are willing to learn programming in Objective-C, Mac OS X, iOS or web-based programming in JavaScript, HTML5, or WebGL — or if you are just excited about programming and software development, please contact us.

Design & Art & Creativity

If you like good design, have a sense for the arts, and if you would like to work bring together Arts & Sciences, then we are interested in talking to you. We need creative members on our team, who help with the artistic design of our user interfaces, presentation of data, information, and processes. We use cutting-edge visualization and rendering techniques. If you would like to learn more about this and help us create stunning visuals for our simulations, please contact us.

Complexity, Abstraction, Machine Learning, Optimization

There are many challenges with respect to the software engineering and conceptual organization of the data structures and processes that we need to create in order to build real-time simulations of human physiology. If you are interested in pushing the envelope in computer simulation and multi-scale modeling, please contact us.

Anatomy & Physiology & Medical Education

Do you have a passion for medical education? Do you know about human anatomy? Do you enjoy learning about the physiological processes of the human body? If this sounds interesting and exciting to you, then please contact us.

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